Agile Coach - Vienna

  • 20 Aug 2019
As a market leader in the energy trading industry, we are naturally passionate about our software. Our teams are brilliant and know how to build great products, but like most teams they need support and coaching to help them move into the next level. 
Whilst our software practices are fairly mature, there is still plenty of room to improve. We want to change this now. 

We already made good progress on our journey but we’ve come to realise we are now at a point we need a dedicated person to help us get further.
We are looking for a person who lives and breathes the agile values, has an agile mindset, and loves to help teams focus on delivering high quality outcomes. That’s the bedrock. 
But really, that’s just the start. We also need you to help grow the team into a highly performing team. Whatever it takes. Interested?
The role will be based in our Trayport Visotech office in Vienna and will work very closely with the Software Development team to drive software delivery.

Awareness of Kanban, Lean, and/or Theory of Constraints
Demonstrable experience working with / within high performing teams 
Pragmatic approach to agile and ability to adjust techniques to work in the right context



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